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Rankos Stadium Pharmacy

Trusted by Tacoma families for over 85 years

R‚Äčankos Pharmacy COVID -19 

Resource Center

After determining when it will be your time, request an appointment by completing this form: Update

We are working as fast as possible to increase vaccinations & appointments.

We realize this is a difficult time for everyone & we are here for you.  Please DO NOT CALL the general pharmacy line with appointment & COVID -19 questions.  This line is RESERVED for pharmacy patients and prescribers.  Calling our pharmacy line slows processes and decreases our ability to provide vaccinations & increase appointments.

We have a dedicated COVID -19 line for all COVID -19 questions:


Our dedicated COVID -19 email is:

[email protected]

We are honored and pleased to provide COVID -19 vaccinations to our community.  

We adhere to all guidance & guidelines provided by the WA DOH.  

Please find the current phase plan below

When can I get the vaccine? Use the WA Phase Finder Tool

After determining when it will be your time, request an appointment by completing this form:

  • Rankos Pharmacy has served the Pierce County & Tacoma communities in the past providing H1N1 vaccinations in a successful emergency response.  
  • We are honored to support the state's plan and to collaborate with the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department to provide active response to the COVID -19 pandemic.

Vaccination appointments ARE REQUIRED...NO WALK-INs

Questions & Answers to common questions below

Q: I'm worried Rankos won't have a 2nd dose for me.

A: We follow the DOH's plan. We are working hard to adhere to state guidance.  Thanks for your patience.

Q:  What vaccine are you providing?

A:  MODERNA COVID -19 Vaccine at this time (may change in the future).

Q:  How do I receive the vaccination?

A:  When it is your time, complete this form:

Q:  There is not an appointment available that works for me,  what do I do? Do you accept walk-ins?

A:  We are currently only vaccinating with a scheduled appointment.  All appointments are made through the form.  If you would like to be on the waitlist, complete the form and do not select an appointment or complete the short call list (for last minute notice if someone cancels:

Q:  What do I need to bring with me/wear to my appointment? 

A:  Your completed form, a copy of your insurance card, your ID.  Wear comfortable, loose clothing with short sleeves.

Q:  Where do I receive my 2nd dose?  At Rankos or somewhere else?

A:  Rankos follows the DOH's plan. It is very important that we keep close track of our inventory and plan so do not cancel or no show.   Be sure to provide us ample notice by email of all changes so we can be sure all doses are planned for.

Q:  How do I schedule my boost, 2nd dose?

A:  You will be provided the link for the next dose at your 1st dose.  If you don't have the 2nd dose link email [email protected]

Q: If I received my first COVID-19 dose but I'm having issues scheduling my second dose on time, will I have to restart the vaccine series?

A: There is no concern about getting the second dose later than the minimum time than is recommended between doses. There is no need to restart the vaccine series if a person gets the second dose later than the recommended time. A person will still develop a good immune response even if the second dose is given later than the minimum recommended time.

If you have additional questions regarding COVID vaccination, please talk to your health care provider for medical advice on your individual situation.

Q: I can't access the link for an appointment...There aren't any times that work for me.

A:  The link is updated regularly as people cancel and we are constantly trying to increase appointments.  Look at the link regularly if you don't find what you want immediately.  DO NOT call the pharmacy with appointment questions...Email [email protected] consderation of our regular prescription patients and the prescribers that need to call us...please don't call

Q:  I need to change or cancel my appointment.

A:  Email [email protected] DO NOT CALL.